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Dear Friends:

It’s been a somewhat uneventful year for us.  We “float” between our three homes, visiting friends and family and traveling.  We took two cruises this past year, one to the southern Caribbean and one to the Baltic Sea.  I love showing off my pictures so see one of the links attached for more pictures or go to if you are reading a paper copy of this greeting Photo Link   I must publically thank Debbi Berke for all her help by visiting in June and coming with us on the cruise.

Ron continues to keep busy with house maintenance, tennis, racquetball, pickleball, and various volunteer activities.   Of course he continues to make applesauce and does business consulting through SCORE. 

I'm trying to keep my body in motion.  After 14 years I'm starting to feel like the Parkinson's, along with spinal degeneration is slowing me down.  The biggest frustration is that my body slows down when the medicines "wear off'  so I have less productive time for working with creative things on the computer, sewing machine, etc.  I have to work with and around the highs and lows.  That said, I do various exercises including water weights, yoga and biking and am adding Rock Steady Boxing.   I am also involved in three Parkinson Support groups and in Florida, I try to help on projects with Hadassah and NCJW and National Parkinson Foundation.  Most surprising to me is that I'm displaying some of my photos as art.  My art show display this year  will be fruits and their beginnings (flowers of the fruit).  My "masterpiece" is a book I published
"PopPop Makes Applesauce, featuring Nava." 

I had a successful fund raising campaign in advance of my 60th birthday.  Between Boca and Rochester Moving Days I raised over $4350 from 44 donors.   Thanks ALL.  If you still want to help, I believe these links work: Rochester  Boca

In March we are again planning a Pi Day party.  Last year some of our friends really got into the spirit with us and we had treats such as πneapple, πnk grapefruit, and πstacios.   This year’s party will be the weekend of March 17/18 and will probably also be a group birthday celebration for those of us born in 1958.

So this is the year we turn 60, we hope to continue traveling and looking forward to many happy events in our lives.  Please check my travel page and consider joining us.

Ilene, Keegan and Nava are expecting an addition to their family in February and Jonathan and Jessica seem to keep busy and might look to buy a house soon.

So again, we wish you a happy and healthy New Year.

Check my website for photos, travel information about past and future trips and my new blog which will have information about living in 55+ communities, living with Parkinson’s, and more.

Love,  Ron and Gloria Friedman           

Highlights of our year in pictures.

2018 - A year that will be special in our lives.

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