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Weekend of July 3-5, 2015 Jul


We welcome two women to our family:

Nava McKenna Bailey -- Born April 12, 2015

Jessica Sobel -- Officially Engaged to Jonathan April 8, 2015

Nava McKenna Bailey entered this world at 12:55pm on April 12, 2015.  She weighed 7 pounds, 2 ounces and is 19 inches long.   Mommy Ilene was in labor for about 11 hours and with the help of Keegan and her birthing coach, Nava arrived quickly after they arrived at the hospital (and with no drugs or stitches).  They spent the first 24 hours bonding at the hospital and learning how to feed/eat.   They arrived home late Monday afternoon after stopping to visit their former neighbors across town. 

The name Nava means "beauty" in Hebrew (so this will also be her Hebrew name).  When researching the name, Ilene and Keegan felt that it reminded them of Ron's brother Larry who passed away in 2009.   Then McKenna begins with an "M" same as great-grandma Marilyn who died in 2014 and McKenna means "handsome" which is also a definition of Irving, her great-grandpa who died in 2008.

Jonathan Friedman and Jessica Sobel

After about 7 years of dating.  Jonathan finally asked Jessica to be his wife.  YOU HAVE GOT TO SEE THE VIDEO!!!! (ASK THEM).    Jonathan met up with his friend Eli in San Francisco where she was vacationing with one of her friends.  

Jonathan arranged to deliver room service in a waiter's uniform and did so with Eli videotaping, surprised Jessica and proposed. 

They are trying to set a date for spring/summer 20162008.

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